Nobody Knows But Me

Song: Nobody Knows But Me (1982)

Non album track, from the Sesame Street record In Harmony 2

Well this is just a damn delight.

I suspect that this is one that a lot of people may not be familiar with. I certainly had never heard of it until a friend brought it mt my attention earlier this week and boy am I glad he did.

This song was released, and I assume written for, a 1982 Sesame Street record called In Harmony 2. Like the first In Harmony, released two years earlier it featured popular rock, jazz and folkĀ  artists performing music for kids. Not simple kids songs, just good music that kids could also enjoy. The first one features Sesame Street characters but the second one is all music beginning with Nobody Knows But Me, an absolute gem of a kids song; a shot of pure joy about the magic of imaginary friends.

Listen to this and share it with a kid, or just act like a kid when you hear it.

Note: The last song on In Harmony 2 was Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.”

P.S. - Thanks for the tip on this one Adam.