My Life (Live)

Song: My Life (Live)

Album: Live at Shea Stadium (2008)

"Got a call from an old friend, we used to be real close."

I’m not just quoting lyrics, I actually got a call from an old friend on Sunday. While we are no longer as close as we once were I think we are as close as we can be with distance and time between us.

He was my best friend in high school and we stayed close until I moved to Los Angeles just before I turned 25. In the years since we’ve stayed in touch. We live different lives now but there’s a bond built on shared experience and a common starting point that makes it easy to pick up where we left off even after long periods of time. Over the phone, while he waited in line to get gas on post Hurricane Sandy Long Island he walked me through our hometown one section at a time to tell me the level of damage but to assure me that family and friends were safe.

While I wish that he and I were talking under better circumstances, the friendly voice reassuring me that things were already getting better at home meant a lot to me. It also reminded me that it’s never really just “My Life,” no matter how hard I once tried to make it so. My life is our life and I finally have learned to like it that way.

P.S. “My Life” was also a song that Billy Joel played at Shea Stadium back in 2008. Also, it’s Election Day in the US so go out and vote.