Close To The Borderline

Song: Close To The Borderline

Album: Glass Houses (1980)

At the beginning of Glass Houses I you called “You May Be Right” the most rifftastic song in the Billy Joel catalog. Well it didn’t take long for another song to claim the Maximum Riffage* crown.

I don’t like this song…I LOVE this song.

Here’s something you may not know about me. I have separate playlists on my ipod for my commute. In the morning I like my music on the mellow side. When I’m on my way home from work, there’s nothing that gets me going more than a riff heavy song that I can turn up really loud in my car while I’m barely moving through the streets of LA.

While I like the morning play-list, I LOVE the evening play-list.

As much as I’ve grown to like Billy Joel over the last several months, he hasn’t lent himself to many opportunities for inclusion on the end of day play-list. “Close to the Borderline” is an end of the day play-list song thanks to its big dumb guitar riff and Billy’s overheated rundown of the troubles faced by New York City, the county and himself in the late 70’s.

It’s big, it’s loud and it’s great. “Close To The Borderline” is a new contender for my favorite Billy Joel song.

*The term Maximum Riffage borrowed from the video for Guided By Voices “Bulldog Skin.”